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Santo Largo beach

Of all the wonderful Aruba beaches, Santo Largo is probably the least known out there. It’s located at the Commandeurs Baai between Mangel Halto and Savaneta, a suburban area of San Nicolas, the second largest city of Aruba. This beach is a sandy beach with shallow, calm, crystal clear, turquoise water and it is the type of beach not a lot of people go to. It is a secluded beach, a perfect spot to go for a swim or do some snorkeling when you are in the area. The beach is divided into three little beaches and areas with dense mangrove vegetation, in total the beaches have a length of about 250 meters. Santo Largo beach is a perfect spot for families to visit, as swimming opportunities are just great here. It will be fun to go for a picnic or just relax on your own when you feel like escaping the crowded places around Oranjestad and further up north. Also, when you plan to visit San Nicolas, Santo Largo beach is a perfect location to take a break before you proceed further. As the beach offers no facilities it is important to bring your own stuff. Parasols might be a good idea because Santo Largo hardly offers shade to protect you from the sun.