The Fofoti tree of Eagle Beach | Arubiana

The Fofoti tree of Eagle Beach

The Fofoti tree is an icon of Eagle Beach. 

The tree has a twisted trunk and grows obliquely towards the sea. The Fofoti is often confused with the dividivi tree, but they are not the same trees. A very famous Fofoti is located on Eagle Beach and is often photographed.

The particular shape of this Fofoti mangle is primarily due to the constant trade winds, and provides a stunning landscape on the ocean’s front. The Fofoti mangle is found on most locations around the island, however they are seen mostly in the Malmok area, Eagle Beach, Linear Park and Baby Beach. They are also found near most creeks like Rooi Prikichi, Rooi Canashito and at the Rooi at Sero Cristal. The Fofoti as well as all other mangroves are protected by law.