Trinity Natural Bridge - Black Stone Beach | Arubiana

Trinity Natural Bridge - Black Stone Beach

Lined with small and shimmery black eroded stones, Black Stone Beach is the only beach in Aruba boasting “black sand”. Erosion by the water not only created black pebbles but also rather sharp and edgy rocks that both characterize this location. Black Stone Beach lies just east of Boca Andicuri. Beach is quiet and secluded.

Swimming or snorkeling here is not recommended, because of the strong currents and high waves at this location. This beach, on the east side of the island, might be an ideal location to enjoy a picnic when you are in the neighborhood. The surroundings are rocky, and you will hardly find soft sand. Black Stone Beach is actually a little bay, where the ocean reaches the beach you will notice scattered rocks everywhere. The beach features some vegetation but when you are looking for trees to enjoy some shade, you will be disappointed. They’re just not around!