Andicuri Beach | Arubiana

Situated on the Island’s windward coast, just south of the collapsed Natural Bridge, dramatic bluffs flank a sandy cove area, leaving beachgoers in a world of their own. The locals tend to go here.

Body-boarders love it here for the stronger surf; experienced swimmer can enter the water, yet must be aware of currents.

If you make the journey to Andicuri, be sure to travel a little further along the dirt road to see Black Stone Beach and a fascinating triple-arch limestone natural bridge.

Andicuri Beach boasts a breathtaking and scenic setting. The wide bay is enclosed by coral-stone cliffs of which some parts provide for a little shade. Due to its perfect waves and stronger surf, various local body-boarding competitions are held here. Locals love to come here for the peace and quiet, compared to the more popular beaches on Eagle and Palm Beach.